This Website was conceived to give the viewer an idea of the various opportunities to travel and explore in the Yucatan. The sights of historical, archaeological, natural and scenic interest are highlighted in  photographs and short descriptions.

While there are numerous books,  websites and videos about the Yucatan for the interested traveler, the writer has found that there are few that encompass a comprehensive overview of the area. For those who are interested in the area in a general sense and for those people who are actively planning a trip to the Yucatan this site strives to provide that comprehensive overview of what is on the ground for the traveler (armchair or active) to see and experience.

This website is not a travel guide! The writer will not attempt to inform the viewer of where to stay, what bus to catch, where to rent a car or what restaurant is the best. This type of information changes very quickly and is not the intent of this website. There are many guidebooks and resources, both in print and online, that will inform the traveler of the how, where and when of travelling in the Yucatan. The goal of this site is to highlight the WHAT  of the Yucatan.

Please understand that this is a work in progress. I do gratefully accept any suggestions or comments to fill in the blanks for other travelers. If you wish to contact the writer and share your experiences, discoveries or insights please do.

Safe and happy travels

Mike Morgan